We are one of the world's leading providers of renal care services.

Our core service is haemodialysis, but our expertise stretches far beyond this. We offer support and treatments ranging from preventive care, peritoneal dialysis and home care to the coordinated management of patients’ comorbidities and transplant services.

Diaverum has Swedish roots, and several dozen years of development and gaining experience, also by our Polish dialysis clinics. Diaverum Poland has been active on the Polish medical market since 2001. At our 24 dialysis clinics, 17 outpatient clinics and the nephrology ward, over 9,000 patients are treated, and approx. 2,000 of them undergo dialysis.

All Polish dialysis clinics work closely with local healthcare facilities, which ensures optimal patient care. All our activities are focused on patients’ optimal care and treatment. The main principle is a holistic approach to the patient – in other words, treatment is not limited to dialysis only. We focus on taking care of individual needs of our patients, because everyone experiences the illness differently. We offer professionalism and care – always at the highest level.

At Diaverum, we strive to promote among patients the attitude that their disease does not have to limit them – this is of great importance for individuals who have to undergo dialysis several times a week. The holiday dialysis program called d.HOLIDAY enables patients who can travel to have some holiday as well as treatment in selected Diaverum dialysis clinics around the world.

Globally, Diaverum has been involved in nephrology treatment for 30 years, when the first dialysis clinic was opened in Sweden – under the previous name Gambro Healthcare. Today, 13,000 employees care for 39,000 patients in 23 countries, performing more than 6 million dialyses per year.


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