Through this award, the agency’s editors recognised both our long‑standing commitment to improving the quality of life of kidney disease patients as well as our pro-social actions, such as building awareness of kidney diseases and carrying out preventive and educational initiatives.


The award was accepted by Ryszard Zając, Country Manager at Diaverum Poland, during the ceremony which took place in Warsaw.

We would like to thank the editors of Agencja Informacyjna for recognising our work. We hope that this award will make it possible for matters such as the preventive care of healthy kidneys and the methods of improving the quality of life of kidney disease patients to be even more widely promoted and discussed among the public, said Ryszard Zając during his acceptance speech. These are very important issues for a significant part of our society.

In Poland, nearly 4.5 million people suffer from chronic kidney disease. It is estimated that up to 90% of such persons are unaware of their disease, as its initial stages are asymptomatic.

This award also honours the entire Diaverum Poland team – the dedicated doctors, nurses and non‑medical staff who look after our patients every day and enable them to pursue their plans and passions, proving that the limitations resulting from illness do not have to be an obstacle to enjoying life, added Ryszard Zając.

Diaverum’s mission is to improve the quality of life of kidney disease patients. Diaverum is one of the world’s leading providers of renal care services, treating nearly 40,000 patients worldwide and performing more than 6 million procedures per year. In Poland, we have been pursuing our mission for more than 22 years. At our 24 dialysis clinics, 17 outpatient clinics and the nephrology ward, over 9,000 patients are treated, and approx. 2,000 of them undergo dialysis therapy.

In addition to “Obiektyw Medyczny” (“Medical Lens”), the Agencja Informacyjna’s editors awarded 2 more distinctions in 2023. The winner of “Obiektyw Kulturalny” (“Cultural Lens”) was Maria Wollenberg-Kluza, an artist, painter and social activist, while “Obiektyw Gospodarczy” (“Economic Lens”) was granted to the National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR) for its activities aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Polish food products – both domestically and globally.

The award ceremony took place on 06 December in Warsaw, as part of a meeting of the Cultural Journalism Club at the Polish Journalists Association.

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